All for OnePeter Prichard is a career counselor, leadership development consultant and youth advocate who has helped thousands of individuals and groups in hundreds of organizations identify and reach goals that allow them to be more successful and satisfied. He has been a keynote speaker at multiple conferences, has given over 400 presentations to individuals from six continents, and has been asked back dozens of times to the same organizations. Peter has also taught courses and given workshops at Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Hunter College, Montclair State University and Upsala College.

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Free Programs

Each of these three programs includes a power point presentation, an explanation of each slide, and a participant guide, yours to download and use for free. These programs can also be professionally presented for a reasonable fee to membership organizations and to for profit and non-profit employers large and small.

  • How to Make the Most of Your 2nd Fifty Years  .zip file
  • Career Exploration & Job Search Strategies for Any Job in Any Sector   .zip file
  • Having a Positive Impact for the Common Good  .zip file
The following presentations have been given professionally and can be adapted for a reasonable fee to groups who are interested:
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – Focusing on the writings and research of Dan Goleman and The Hay Group this workshop provides a self-assessment that provides concrete data about steps you might take to be more emotionally intelligent and successful.
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations About Important Issues – Based on the research of The Harvard Negotiation Project and the books Difficult Conversations and Getting to Yes, you will complete this presentation with very practical ideas about how to have impactful conversations around very difficult issues
  • How to Master Change and Transition – William Bridges book Transitions will be used as one of the resources for this workshop that will provide you with a three part model for understanding how to handle change and understand the difference between change and transition.
  • Ethics and Integrity: A Leadership Imperative – real world cases of ethical and unethical behavior will provide a framework for each participant to be an ethical individual whose integrity has a positive impact
  • Secrets of Peak Performance in a World Turned Upside Down – the work of Charles Garfield with world class peak performing athletes and Stephen Covey on the habits of highly effective people will provide five key steps that individual need to take to be peak performers in any walk of life
  • How to Work, Live and Lead for the Common Good – this program draws on a variety of examples that provide concrete suggestions for how to positively impact others in your professional and personal relationships whether or not you are in an official leadership role.
  • Career Planning Realities for Medical Doctors and Other Service Professionals – this program has as a central focus the necessity for understanding the cultural and psychological changes that are currently impacting senior service professionals

Contact Peter to inquire about presentations for your organization.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“Peter is a very original, creative and thoughtful career consultant in his ability to develop programs ahead of the curve, by conceiving new concepts and by offering pragmatic uses for clients to use. He is a strong public speaker, engaging the audience with his presentation and having a dialog with their thoughts.”
Alan Pickman, PhD.- Senior VP, Lee Hecht Harrison
“Peter has seasoned experience to develop targeted programs & interventions; and a talented & reassuring manner to deliver them with high quality service. His characteristic passionate, straightforward and caring manner guided strategic changes and business innovations through some turbulent business circumstances. For me, Peter Prichard is the gold standard of consulting services.”
Terry McGuinness- Managing Director, Zurich Scudder
“If you’re considering working with Peter Prichard, there are three things you should know. First, his integrity is extraordinary. He does what he says he’ll do. Period. And when he has an assignment where confidentiality is expected, he tells no one anything without explicit prior agreement. No one. Second, he has strong facilitation skills. He’s very good at bringing people into communication with each other in ways that get things done. And third, he’s a pleasure to work with. Honest. Straightforward. Pleasant. Great sense of humor. If you haven’t met him yet, you should see if you can do that.”
Orville Pierson- author, Highly Effective Networking; The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search
“Peter effectively assumed the role as the lead facilitator in a large-scale emotional intelligence development program with nearly 100 participants and also co-facilitated smaller programs that involved top team development, leadership development, and internal accreditation. Peter is one of the best facilitators that I have ever observed, and he is especially effective in large-scale training programs which are naturally more difficult to facilitate well. He is able to easily connect with people even when speaking to dozens of participants in the room.”
Stephanie Sloan Classon PhD- Senior Principal, Hay Group
“We have hired many organizational development coaches/consultants to speak at our conferences, and my feeling is that Peter Prichard is at the top of his craft. He takes the state of the art management science, distills it to the appropriate level of detail, and then presents it with an approachable and memorable style that is simply on the mark. When I think of someone who can educate high-value groups about organizational development, Peter Prichard is not just top of mind, he is at the top.”
Tim Bateman- Managing Product Director, Lincoln Healthcare Leadership
“The organization I led at the time retained Peter to present a program on outstanding volunteer leadership to approximately 200 of its most active volunteers — members of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Subcommittee Chairs. Peter delivered a top-notch presentation and worked inter-actively with the audience to bring out their ideas and concerns. I have known and respected Peter for years and was particularly interested in the feedback I would receive from the audience. All who spoke with me confirmed my own opinion that the presentation and workshop were extremely valuable and gave the audience insights and tools that they could use not only in their work for us but as leaders in their companies and law firms and in other volunteer activities.”
Alan Drewsen- Executive Director, International Trademark Association