If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.Alice In Wonderland

hands-bdrYou might have come to this site to have some fun doing non-serious job search or career exploration.  That is cool.  Welcome, I hope you find information of interest.

If, however, you are here to seriously look into possibilities connected to what working for the Common Good means to you, being as focused as possible can be a timesaver while it also significantly heightens your success with identifying information that will allow you to explore and then move ahead successfully. What follows are some questions and exercises designed to provide clarification regarding Why You and Why the Common Good? I encourage you to write down and save your answers to these questions in whatever way you normally gather and record information.

Question One: Why the Interest?
Question Two: What is the primary outcome you seek from your current exploration into the Common Good?
Question Three: What type of Common Good employers and jobs interest you?
Question Three (continued): What Type of Common Good Employer interests you?
Question Four: What are your values and how do they connect to the Common Good?
Question Five: How does your general personality fit into working for the Common Good?