The resources mentioned in this section are ones with which I have personal experience either with the content or the individual(s) who have created the resource.  Throughout this website I identify and highlight other resources with which I have had a positive experience.  You will obviously make your own decision about those resources on this site that are most relevant for you at this point in your life and career.

The Greater Good Science Center is one of the most powerful work, live and lead for the common good resources in the world.  Here is how they describe themselves.  “The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.  Not only do we sponsor groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional well‐being, we help people apply this research to their personal and professional lives.”  For more information go to:

Meg Wheatley is an inspiring writer and teacher regarding how to understand and have a positive impact on an increasingly desperate world.  Her recent book Who Do We Choose to Be, as I wrote in an Amazon review connected to this book, “Is for anybody who has an interest in understanding the major factors that are impacting our world while learning that there are actions individuals can take to impact our world in a positive way.” 

Meg also sponsors training regarding how to be positively impactful.  She describes this training as follows.  “Warriors for the Human Spirit are leaders, activists, and citizens who want to make a meaningful contribution in this time of increasing assaults on the human spirit and all life.  To serve well, to be effective with their energy and influence, they train with discipline and devotion to refrain from fear and aggression and to embody the best human qualities of generosity, insight and compassion.”  You can find out more about Meg’s writing, training and consulting at:

The Institute for Brain Potential (IBP) “Is the leading provider of programs on the brain and behavioral sciences. Our non-profit organization has presented cost-effective, informative and practical seminars by outstanding speakers since 1984.” You can check them out at:

The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream (2017) and Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists (2010) are two of the most important books I have encountered regarding understanding the issues we are facing in our current world and learning about what to do about them.  You can find out more about these books and Courtney Martin’s work at:

The Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is a comprehensive and beautifully researched and written resource that helps readers understand how to advance social change.  It is published by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS).  Here is how that organization describes its mission.  “Stanford PACS informs policy and social innovation, philanthropic investment and nonprofit practice.  SSIR is a shared intellectual space where scholars and practitioners publish inter-disciplinary and cross sector research and ideas to advance social change.  The journal is complemented by a website, blog, conferences, webinars and podcasts.”  You can reach them at:

Melissa Smith and Alex Plinio at Life & Career Planning, LLC have extensive experience coaching and consulting with individuals and organizations of all kinds.  My work with them has been around their interest in working with individuals and organizations that are interested in working, living and leading for the common good.  For more information go to: