search-chart-bdrThe effort you put into the Why You and Why the Common Good section now comes to bear as you identify types of places and jobs you might want to approach.  Depending on the time you spent on the resources I mentioned, you might have even begun to identify particular organizations and jobs of interest.

Now we are going to go to an expanded list of sites and resources that list jobs.  And before we go there I want to refer you back to the website

If you click on Job Search Help on their Home Page and then scroll down to All Job-Hunt Free Guides and then click Guides to Avoiding Online Job Search Hazards you will find the following:

Guide to Avoiding Online Job Search Hazards

Unfortunately, new technology has created some new hazards, like protecting your privacy, job hunting without getting fired, and managing your online reputation. Old hazards have morphed into new versions, particularly related to scam jobs, scam job boards, and employer identity theft. These Job-Hunt Guides will help you navigate some tricky waters around those topics:

  • Guide to Protecting Your Privacy
    In an online job search, smart job seekers take precautions to protect their privacy. This Guide explains why and how to do that.
  • Guide to Avoiding Job Scams
    Unfortunately, people in a job search are exposed to a number of scams, and without knowing what you might be facing and how many of the scams operate, you can be badly hurt by them. So, read this Guide to understand how to spot and avoid online scams in your job search.
  • Guide to Personal Online Reputation Management
    Employers and recruiters use the Internet’s search capabilities to research potential job candidates. What they find can make the difference between being considered for a job and being ignored. So, today, online reputation management is really not optional. This Guide offers the why and how to protect your reputation online.
  • Guide to a Stealthy Job Search
    Employers are not usually happy to discover that an employee is job hunting. Often, that employee loses their job immediately or has a very uncomfortable discussion with their boss. Unfortunately, today, it is easy for employers to discover that an employee is job hunting. This Guide offers help to avoid that situation.

In addition to those articles, their article Choosing Safe Job Boards states the following:

“For most people, job boards are NOT the solution to their job search, and many job seekers waste too much time on them. However, ignoring job boards completely is not a good idea, either, so you need to be a savvy user of job sites to have the safest job search. Choose the job sites you use very carefully! Not every site is a legitimate job site, or a good site, even if it’s listed in Job-Hunt (we are very careful of the sites we list, but the site or the domain can be sold and the site may degrade as a result). Note: We have found completely bogus “job sites” – no jobs at all, just resume collection. If we’ve found some, more exist. We’ve also found fake employer websites, fake jobs, and more scams, too. So, BE CAREFUL! Trust AFTER you verify! Choosing Safe Job Boards 16 Critical Criteria for Choosing the Best Job Site for You If a site fails any of the first 6 “Safety” criteria, don’t use it! You need to know that a site is at least somewhat trustworthy before you use it.”

I strongly urge you to keep all of those articles on internet job search safety close to you as you begin going to websites and job boards that might not have your best interests in mind.  

Resources for Finding Jobs in a Variety of Common Good Sectors

What follows are sources of information and listings that might help you find organizations and jobs of interest in multiple Common Good sectors. I am either already familiar with these resources or I found them by researching on the internet using keywords such as “nonprofit job listings” or words that relate to specific Common Good sectors like “healthcare” or “education” or “unions.” I encourage you to look through these resources even if you have a very specific Common Good sector that you want to approach.  That being said, if you are driven to go right to the Resources for Finding Jobs in Specific Common Good Sectors section that follows, then go for it.

People Whose Opinion You Trust
Major Job-Search Engines
Consulting Firms to the Nonprofit Sector
Colleges and Universities
Nonprofit Evaluators:
Additional Resources:

Resources for Finding Jobs in Specific Common Good Sectors

What follows are sites I have found in my own research on some of the Common Good sector employers.  These lists will provide you with examples of how to look at all of the categories of Common Good employers that you might identify by subject.  The major job-search engines and the multiple sources mentioned at the beginning of this Identifying Organizations and Jobs of Interest section will also have job listings in most of these categories.  If there is a Common Good sector or type of employer that is not included, you will be able to find it by putting in the appropriate search query in your search engine of choice.

Organizations listed as best places to work