The Novel Dawn of Hope

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Peter PrichardPeter Prichard has been a published writer for over 40 years, writing book chapters, articles, two novels, newspaper columns and hundreds of papers and handouts for presentations done at over 400 conferences and workshops for individuals on five continents.

The Novel Dawn of Hope is timely for two reasons – the major focus on sexual assault and bullying in the US, and the emergence of this generation of teenagers as a prominent voice for social change. The teenage female heroine of this book is a composite of the hundreds of energetic and courageous young people, social activists and teachers that Peter has met over the years.

Dawn Mortenson is like no teenager who had ever moved to the town of Fair Shore.

Dawn of Hope centers on the actions of a High School senior, Dawn Mortenson, as she fights to lessen the acceptance of sexual assault and bullying in the town because “boys will be boys.” Her actions put her life in danger, but ultimately show that with courage and determination you can change the world.

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Dawn of Hope by Peter Prichard

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“Dawn of Hope by Peter Prichard isn’t a must read. It’s a HAVE to read!! Once you open this book, it will grab you and hold you down on the edge of your seat and you will just watch those pages turn…You might just go back and re-read it… I appreciate that Peter Prichard gave me this book to read and review and I wait for more from him.” –  Coco
“In the tradition of novels like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Prichard addresses some of the major social injustice issues of our time… At the end, I was left with the sense we just might have the beginnings of a super heroine series on our hands.” – Douglas Ferguson
“I rarely encounter books with characters who I remember and think about long after I have finished reading. Dawn’s strength, persistence, and personality are so vividly articulated, I have been inspired by her and have continued thinking about her long after I finished reading her story. I recommend this book to people who want to be not only entertained, but also inspired.” – ARB123
“Dawn is an inspiring heroine navigating the teen years when fortitude is scant, and winds of change can blow wildly. However, Dawn must overcome heinous obstacles, despicable characters, and depend on a select group of people to deal with awful circumstances. Prichard imbues Dawn with a courageous voice and resolute nature that pierces a dark veil of secrecy of a small town. The story is a metaphor to lift up the abused, silenced, and dispirited, as well as a call to stand up in the face of abuse, discrimination, and bullying of all sorts.” – jbq
“Dawn of Hope covers two very important and current issues with a story that both engages and informs. Reading about this very courageous and gifted young woman who takes on big tobacco and bullying in a precocious and psychologically sophisticated way will inspire new thinking and hopefully aligned action. The characters are so real that you will find yourself turning pages until the end.” – Sheryl Spanier
“Dawn Mortenson faces some of the most significant and dangerous issues of our day: sexual harassment, abuse and violence; corporate and governmental greed and corruption; and the loss of the values that hold us together as a society. Her challenges are complicated and amplified by the community in which she lives. Prichard’s portrait of a wealthy, inbred, isolated town and the high school it feeds is one of the strong points of his story. He nails the self-absorbed, smug, entitled adults and their inevitable troubled offspring perfectly! Thankfully, the choices Dawn makes and the solutions she finds to deal with her crises are also atypical. No warm-fuzzies or just-be-yourself platitudes here. Only through tough decisions, courageous actions and unwavering conviction is she able to survive.” – Maynard Eilers