Using this site

I encourage you to be ready to take notes while reading and while completing exercises that are included here. I would like this to be an interactive experience for visitors that provides a focus to your exploration of work for the Common Good. There are literally thousands of sites and articles and tests that help people with their careers. This site provides information on hundreds of them. I have chosen a small number that I have evaluated and believe will be particularly helpful.

Tips for safely using Online Resourses
Be careful as you move from resource to resource online. No matter how trustworthy someone may seem, it is very hard to tell for sure. Always do your best to verify before you trust. The list of resources provided here will help you do that.

In addition to being vigilant about job scams, read very carefully the information on any site that provides assessments or career exercises of any kind. Some of them offer brief introductory assessments that are designed to encourage you to purchase their expensive “full assessments.” Look with an objective eye at any kind of personal information you may receive from taking an online assessment. Consider sharing the results with a Professional or a trusted friend who can help you put things in perspective.

Recommended Resourses

The resources mentioned in this section are ones with which I have personal experience either with the content or the individual(s) who have created the resource. This section also provides information on two areas in the exploration and job-search process that require extreme caution: How to safely use job board and online information and how to and/or whether to hire a career coach.more >>

Hands around the Earth

Why You & Why the Common Good?

This section includes links to a number of self-assessment exercises and resources that will provide information about yourself that might help you with decision making, identifying the types of employers with whom you might want to work, interviewing, and knowing how to excel in your life and your chosen career.
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Identifying Organizations & Jobs of Interest

The tools on this website will show you how to identify and approach those employers you believe contribute to the Common Good. I will also provide information on employers that are voted as Best Places to Work because they contribute to the Common Good of their employees by treating them with respect in a person-friendly culture.
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Climb to the Top

Leading a resilient and peak performing life that supports the common good

Lead your life in a way that supports the Common Good—that is, provides positive benefits to the greater community and not just to yourself.This section identifies ways that individuals can stay healthy and energized and working at peak strength in Common Good activities.
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Being a Successful Common Good Leader

As an executive coach and leadership-development consultant, I have coached and worked with hundreds of leaders in dozens of sectors, geographies, and functions. In this section I will include resources I have used to help leaders become more effective.
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The Interview

Approaching & Interviewing at Organizations of Interest

There are many ways to approach employers. In this section I will suggest taking a multifaceted approach, which might bring you out of your comfort zone. The more resources and approaches that are used, the more likely it is that you will have success.
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